Our Contributors

Todd Zimmerman

A 25-year veteran of the graphic arts industry, Todd is currently Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division. In his role, he oversees the sales and marketing of equipment, consumables, and technical services and support for the graphic communications industry.

Peter Vanderlaan

As the Director of Product Marketing for Fujifilm’s Graphic Systems Division, Peter manages the company’s marketing and branding initiatives and is also responsible for the product management of the company’s line-up of CTP devices. He began his career with Fujifilm in 1994.

Matt Sisson

Matt serves as Marketing Manager for the Graphic Systems Division, having come into his position after working in sales for nearly 15 years.  Matt now works closely with both the sales and marketing departments and can often be found at industry events and conferences.

Kristi Hubert Mendez

Kristi’s worked in marketing and public relations for Fujifilm for nearly 12 years, helping tell the company’s story to printers, employees, and the media.


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