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Hi…and welcome to Pixels, Dots & Spots. Here we’ll share our thoughts and opinions on the ever-changing graphic arts industry as well as let you in on the latest news and information from Fujifilm. Our goal with Pixels, Dots & Spots is simple: a conversation. We’d like to know what you’re thinking, to hear about challenges you’re experiencing in your business, and to celebrate your successes. So, bookmark this blog, email it to friends and colleagues or add your RSS feed, and let’s talk.

You’ll also see customers in the spotlight from time to time and we’ll highlight challenging print jobs, share real world best practices, and talk about social media’s impact, both in our personal and business lives.

It’s a fortunate coincidence that we’re launching our blog now, as we’re currently attending and sponsoring PODi AppForum , a conference dedicated solely to digital printing. This year’s conference promises to deliver the inside scoop on how printers are successfully incorporating digital printing in their shops and aims to share real-world stories and advice.

As we all know, digital printing – and specifically inkjet printing – is triggering some of the largest changes this industry has witnessed in decades. The technology has made incredible strides in recent years, both in terms of quality and speed. And, for a growing portion of the work, it’s proving to be a more cost-effective option than traditional offset printing.

Let’s have a look at the marketplace as it is today:

  • 35% of print jobs today consist of 250 pieces or less
  • Between 40-70% of B2 jobs are less than 2,000 sheets
  • Value-added services (such as variable data printing) are more profitable than originally predicted
  • By 2014, the number of pages printed digitally is predicted to increase by 11% each year

This is a change we anticipated some time ago and it’s driven a large part of our company’s R&D over the last several years. It prompted our acquisition of both FUJIFILM Dimatix and FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants, and brought about the development of the FUJIFILM Digital Inkjet J Press 720. Introduced in the U.S. at Graph Expo in October 2010, the J Press 720 is, we believe, the future of commercial printing and is a solution for an area of the market where most printers struggle to compete and where a majority of print jobs reside.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that inkjet printing will replace offset completely, but we are entering a phase where print runs are getting shorter and printers need a more cost-effective way to manage the jobs – both short and long run – that come through their shops.

During PODi AppForum, we’re anxious to hear more about how printers are using digital printing technologies now and how they anticipate it affecting their operations in the future. So, whether you attended the conference or not, let us know what you think and what type of impact you see these two technologies having on our industry.

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